The jewels, little wonders that dazzle an outfit. Of any color, any size, or any material, costume jewelry fits any look. For those who like to change their look and be original, making your own costume jewelry is the best alternative. To help you, here is a small guide to DIY Fashion Jewelry. Cheap jewelry and personalized to your liking.

The tools you need to create your own costume jewelry

When you want to make your own costume jewelry, it is important to be well equipped. Smart tools that will facilitate the making of jewelry. The raw materials for the confection are varied, and depend essentially on your tastes. The stones and the jewel in question (necklace, bracelet, ring, etc.) mean that some tools may be more useful than others. Here is, therefore, a list of basic tools to create costume jewelry on-demand : - Pliers, scissors or needles, to cut, pierce, spin beads, or put a clasp. - Primers. That is to say the rings, necklace, necklaces, necklaces, clasps, ring support, any basic support, and small elements to start and finalize your creation. - And finally, the raw materials of your costume jewelry. Pearls, seed beads, coral beads, natural stones, pendants, and all kinds of materials to create original jewelry that reflects your personality. Thanks to these basic tools, you are ready to start DIY manufacturing of your bracelets, necklaces, rings, and other DIY jewelry.

Costume jewelry ideas, follow the trends!

The trendy jewels of the moment are the multi-row necklaces or those at the neck. Models rather minimalist, combining the chic and the simple. Thus, the necklace and golden necklace will go with small white or turquoise pearls. You also have the choice of small necklaces just adorned with a small pendant that you can customize. The shells come back in force in all forms of jewelry. In bracelets, in pendant, or in foot jewelry, opt for the creation of costume jewelry adorned with one or more shells. The most important thing is that you exploit all your images in the creation of original costume jewelry. They will only come out more beautiful.

More models of costume jewelry easy to customize

Customization is a way to personalize an already existing piece of jewelry. Thus, your Creole earrings can become beautiful costume jewelry thanks to beads of all colors and sizes. The rhinestones are also used to shine in the evening. Your chokers will make good supports for rhinestones.