Are you wondering why Australian black Gems are one of the most expensive? Then this guide is for you. Over the years, Australian gemstone is widely known for its value. Its dark body tone characterizes this gemstone, typically ranging from jet black to dark grey. Although many people expect this precious stone to be black, this gem has a rainbow colour, a characteristic that makes them stand out. Be that as it may, this gem has a natural layer of potch left on the back of the stone. The darker the body tone, the more vibrancy its colour and value will be.

Furthermore, most stones are cut into an oval shape depending on the stone’s natural condition. But some of this gem is cut into teardrop shape or freeform to maximize the carat weight. Find more on Minerals Kingdom.

Besides, the stone is usable in lithotherapy people who believe in dissipating energy blockages that are more related to belief awaken their consciousness using opals water. They think each rock has its vibration and effect when restoring the flow of energy. This guide will discuss why the Australian stone is one of the most expensive gemstones worldwide.

Why is Australian precious black gem the most expensive

Finding this gemstone is not easy, but finding the right gem quality is another story. A high-quality gem that is usable is rare to find. In most scenarios, most gems fields globally have a rock that lacks the quality and standard the market demands. The following are fourteen factors that make precious Australian gems expensive.

Its appearance

Unlike any other stone, Australian gems are distinguishable by their dark body tone, with the help of an opal body tone guide embraced by the OAA (Opal Association of Australia). An existing guide for this stone segments the market into nine sub-sections listed as N1 to N9. Besides, from N1 to N4, this group is the most expensive, while N5 – N6 stones are partially black or dark stones. Lastly, N7 – N9 body tone stones are crystal gems.

Furthermore, most of these precious gems range from dark grey to jet black. However, they have a general body tone that is unique and is composed of uniform spheres of silica. It is these spheres that form a grid-like structure that give this precious stone rainbow hue.


Colour is the first essential thing you will notice when you encounter the Australian gem. In the market, red stones are the rarest and the most sought out treasure. Red rock is the most expensive, followed by orange, blue, green, blue, and purple. Be that as it may, it is not easy to find a gemstone with a single colour. In most scenarios, the most dominant colour is the one that carries the day, followed by the secondary colour.

When you find a smaller stone, it is more likely to have a bluer colour, but other colours such as red and orange become present as it becomes more extensive. Nonetheless, the Australian black stone is of high quality when the grid-like structure is more uniform. The condition gives this stone its intense colour.

Furthermore, the intensity and the density of the colour are essential to determine the gemstone price. When a gemstone is of thick paint, it amplifies its brilliance.


When this stone is bright and transparent, it becomes so desirable. That is why you cannot underestimate transparency when you are considering a price factor influencing the cost of this stone. For instance, when your rock is bright, it flashes more of its colours.

In addition, Australian gem adheres to laid out rules in opals brightness guide. This standard information by the AON (Australian opal association) regulates the market. Brightness guide rating starts from B1 to B7. B1 sparkles more while B7 is the darkest. The more sparkling the stone is, the more costly it is in the market.


Sometimes the diffraction of light in a stone forms an interesting pattern. When your gem has a good design, it increases the value of your stone. On most occasions, when your stone has a pinfire pattern, it is less desirable than that with a bold one.

Nevertheless, a harlequin pattern is among the scarce and held dearly by precious stone lovers. This pattern is a broad mosaic pattern that has a close angular set of colours. Also, a bold print like stripes, rainbow, wide flash, and peacock feathers will fetch good money.

The uniqueness of this precious stone

Australian black gem is a gleaming stone that has a sparkle that resembles that of a diamond. This gemstone shares similar and unique traits. Nevertheless, this gemstone is from silica, a condition that makes it’s opalescent. In addition, the stone shares the same crystal grouping as agate and quartz, but Australian black rocks are different in that they are not crystalline.

High demand

Australian black gems are of high quality, and this trait makes them appreciated. However, each of these stones is different from the other. Also, finding one Australian gem alone is an enormous task that directly affects its cost. Finding one Australian stone is a grueling journey that many are not ready to undertake, yet demand increases.

High risk

To find this Australian stone is not an easy task. Most of these gems are in the most isolated and dangerous parts. For you to access this mine, miners have to trek long distances. This action subjects them to a high-risk situation in their attempt to source the best stone. The act of someone risking their livelihood could be one of the factors that make this gem expensive.

Capital intensive

Generally speaking, mining stones and minerals is capital intensive. To mine Australian black stone, an expert miner will require approximately $100000 to 150000 to get started. It would help if you also bought expensive equipment, and the cost of registering is neither cheap.

The direction of its colour

Australian black gemstones are precious stones that usually change their appearance when viewed from different angles. The direction of the colour has a significant effect on the price of every stone. For instance, if it faces in a particular order, it is suitable for a pendant. That is why when the colour is not visible, it lowers the overall value of black stones. Also, multi-colour Australian black rocks might have one to two intense pigments that will give you a different directional face, thus making it difficult to set your jewel.


The shape is another crucial element that determines the cost of a stone. When this stone has an oval shape, it is higher than those with a free form. Oval stones have a variety of applications accompanied by the best colour. However, except for boulder stones which in their free form are valuable.

Furthermore, you can cut this gemstone in a cabochon. When a cabochon is at a high dome, it becomes more valuable compared to a flat stone. Unlike flat rocks, a cabochon is ideal for making ring stones.


Unlike the treated Ethiopian crystal stones, Australian black gemstones are natural stones. The cost of natural stone is higher, and their high-quality features are long-lasting. That is why as a precious stone buyer, you should enlighten yourself on how you can notice a fake gem.


Even though every gem is unique, countries like Mexico, Brazil, and Ethiopia are at the forefront of producing this gem. People believe that Australian Opals are the best. This positive reputation has given this stone a worldwide growth in demand and increased its price drastically over the years.

Which field does the stone originate

Although many end buyers may not show concern about this factor, the fact is some mines have a reputation for producing high-quality stone in Australia. Also, the depth of the mine cannot be an understatement when it comes to the initial value. That is why most traders take this as an essential factor to consider when placing their bids.


Most people confuse inclusion and potch lines as cracks. Little do they know that the crack line reflects light, an action that devalues their precious stone. On the other hand, a potch line does not allow any light reflection. Also, others materials that degrade this stone are available in the sand and glass.


Australian black gemstone is among the compact gem you can try and value. This gemstone is made from silica and has stunning iridescent nature. But unlike other crystalline families, Australian black stone is non-crystalline. The gem has an infinite number of variables that affect its prices, such as pattern, origin, colour, and brightness. Nevertheless, in case you are in the process of buying your first gem, the above fourteen factors will walk you through what contributes to the final price of your stone.