This season, shellfish bracelets are back in fashion. They are not only worn during vacations, you can associate them with your daily outfits. They can be worn with dresses as well as with jeans. Easy to make, the shell bracelets will underline your style and personality. Here are some ideas to help you make your own fetish accessory. For a more original style, you can combine them with other jewelry by playing on the accumulation.

Create a unique piece of jewelry

The shell bracelets were the trendy jewels of the 2000s. Now they are making a comeback. They can be found on almost every wrist. Moreover, with shells as raw material, you don't need to spend money to have a nice bracelet. Depending on the style of bracelet you want to create, choose from the treasures you may have found during your walks by the water. Indeed, among the types of shells you have, you may have mussels, cockles, cowries... However, make sure they are empty and clean. If you don't have any, you can always buy them in a shell accessory store that specializes in selling shells.

For a bohemian style

For this accessory, you will need linen thread and rings to hang the shells. Choose a sea shell, of medium size and conical shape to be used as the main element. Attach it to the center of your bracelet. Then decorate it with some smaller shells. They should have about the same shape for a unique result. Please distribute them evenly over the entire thread. To close your shell bracelet, roll up and tie both ends. You can then paint your bracelet according to your preferences.

For a modern style

For this model, you will need a silver or gold plated metal chain. This way, your jewelry with shell will be more resistant. As accessories, you will need rings to suspend the shells on its support. After having pierced your shells, attach your rings to it. Then hang the whole on the chain. Decorate it with other charms, stones, pearls or other materials. Make so that they are in harmony with the shape and the size of the shells. Normally, your chain should already have a clasp.