The coral-stone most used in jewelry making is the red coral stone. But there are other colors such as black, orange, or white coral stone. Whether it is in its natural state, i.e. unpolished and untreated, or shaped into a pearl, the coral stone adapts easily to different outfits. Adopt a baroque or ethnic style, according to your preferences with natural coral stone. And for even more originality, create your own trendy coral stone jewelry.

The necessary tools to create coral stone jewelry.

If you have at your disposal coral stones still in their raw state, equip yourself with a small drill to perforate your stones. It is advisable to choose a very small tip to avoid damaging the stone. The small drill is not useful if your coral stones are perforated. To make natural stone jewelry yourself, you will need support. Ring support, necklaces of all kinds, special threads to create all kinds of jewelry. Then you will need primers. Primers, or simply clasps, small rings, tips, and finishes to finalize your jewelry. Then, tools, such as small pliers to close and consolidate your clasps and jewelry, and needles to spin beads. With these basic tools, you can create natural coral stone jewelry yourself.

Trendy DIY models in natural coral stone.

Running out of jewelry ideas to make? Opt for the trends of the moment. Rings with a red coral stone are the models that reflect elegance and simplicity. A small red coral bead to put on a ring holder that will put a subtle touch of color in your jewelry box. On the other hand, if you like less discreet jewelry, choose to make thick bracelets, or necklaces braided at the neck with red coral stones. Did you know that? The red coral stone jewels were worn in the past thanks to the multiple virtues they bring. Indeed, red coral improves physical condition, sexual activity, bone resistance, or minimizes the risk of blood diseases.

Realization of natural coral stone jewelry.

Pearls are easier to handle. The steps of realization are simple. Provide yourself with needles of rather fine sizes, ones that can easily enter the hole of the pearl. Then, all you have to do is to spin the pearls according to your desires. Don't forget to compose your jewelry with the appropriate finishes. They will make it easier for you to make personalized jewelry. The best way to compose beautiful DIY jewelry is to let your imagination do its work.