Known as a woman's best friend, a diamond is a precious stone. This stone is often coveted for its lust and brilliance. Demonstrating a high social category, it is often associated with luxury jewelry that is very expensive. Being an unalterable stone, a diamond is prized for making engagement rings. Because of its rarity, the manufacture of faux-diamonds is currently booming. Materials are used to create fake versions. How to recognize the real from the fake? Follow the guide.

Some grandmother's methods

For amateurs, zircon is often used to deceive buyers. The nature of zircon is similar to that of diamonds. Here are some tips from Minerals Kingdom Co. to help you recognize a valuable stone from another. How to tell the difference between zircon and a diamond? With a black marker and a white sheet of paper, draw a black dot on the sheet. Take the stones and place them on the sheet. Make sure to center each mineral on the small black dot. Notice the behavior of each stone. The zircon easily shows the reflection of the black dot. On the other hand, the diamond does not show any reflection. The point is completely imperceptible.

How to recognize a diamond?

A real diamond easily scratches glass. With your valuable stone, take a glass and scratch it with the pointed part of the stone. If you see a slight mark on the glass, it is likely that you have a real diamond in your possession. Also, it is impossible to distinguish images through a diamond. Take a book and try to read a letter. If you can't, you have a priceless stone in your hands. Here is another technique that has worked well for most buyers. Try blowing mist on the surface of the diamond. If no mist appears, your diamond is real. It is impossible for this stone to retain water on its face because it is extremely smooth.

More professional techniques

Inscriptions are often placed on the jewelry. Minerals, such as diamonds, are placed on the precious metals. References are engraved on the ring. The code CZ means cubic zirconia, it is very likely that your diamond is a fake. On the other hand, the references K or PT, which means Flat, can prove that your diamond is a real one.