The 7 chakras bracelet is not only a fashion accessory. It is a jewel with multiple meanings. Indeed, each chakra that composes it connects it to the soul and the body of the wearer. By understanding the meaning of the chakras that make up the bracelet, it is possible to coordinate your beliefs and your energies. But how to buy 7 chakras bracelets online?

How to choose a 7 chakras bracelet online?

The choice of 7 chakra bracelets, especially the style, depends mainly on your age, gender, and body shape. Please note that, for example, a fine stone bracelet with a diameter of 4 to 8 mm would be perfect for young girls and people with thin wrists. On the other hand, more mature women or women with a large body should wear a heavier and more baroque bracelet with seven chakras, with stones of about 8 mm or 10 mm. Otherwise, bracelets with a caliber greater than 8 mm are mainly intended for men. Don't forget that the range of choice is wide. You must first choose the jewel that corresponds to your taste. More importantly, your instinct will certainly guide you to the jewelry you really need. For information and to make your seven chakra bracelet more powerful, you can add other gems to your jewelry. For example, you can choose a lava stone, with its beauty and special benefits. Indeed, this stone has burning energy due to the flow of the volcano. It is therefore one of the cornerstones of reconstruction, bringing you strength, courage, vitality, and protection.

Why should there be a bracelet with seven chakras?

Wearing 7 chakra bracelets is not an easy task because they are of great importance. In fact, the bracelet contributes to the harmony of the seven chakras and can also bring many other benefits and virtues on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. Each chakra is associated with one or more natural gems. Wearing a bracelet with 7 chakras can put the gems in direct contact with your skin and play a positive role. Each chakra is represented by a different color. This is why the selected gems always use 7 different colors such as the colors of the rainbow. Each color corresponds to one of the seven chakras of the human body.

Buy your 7 chakras bracelet online

You can discover collections of 7 chakras bracelets by visiting boutiques. Online stores also offer high-quality gemstone bracelets representing the 7 chakras. In the triple protection natural stone bracelet, the stones are three per chakra and are separated by carved antique copper rings. This is a bracelet that is more for women. In another bracelet, the colors are neutral, it can be used as a 7 chakras bracelet for man or woman, and therefore can be worn every day. It is important to open your heart to the stones. When you look at them, some will attract your attention more than others. Start with these, they may be the chakras that need you. Let go of your deep "I", don't be afraid, you are one with yourself. When you want to focus on a particular chakra, you can make contact with the associated stone by touching it, for example, or simply by looking at it.