Have you ever heard of blue Apatite stone, a small semi-precious stone found in the basements of Europe, Central Asia, and America? Its many bluish hues have earned it the appreciation of jewelers and stone enthusiasts since its late discovery at the end of the 18th century. Nowadays, it can be easily found in many jewelry and stone shops, as well as on many internet sites specialized in stone therapy. If you are experiencing problems with your emotions, weight control, or sleep disturbances, this stone may well be a solution to your problems.

The power of stones and crystals on your body and mind

Many people suffer from physical or mental disorders that are sometimes difficult to explain, and above all difficult to cure through traditional medicine. As a result, these people come to look for complementary methods that may be milder, but also more natural than what is offered in hospitals or doctors' surgeries. Among these practices, one of the most recognized is lithotherapy, i.e. therapy using the power of stones. If this method, supported by part of the scientific community, can in no way replace real medical treatment, it can nevertheless prove to be valuable for certain sensitive and open-minded people. Certain stones such as Apatite, if used correctly, can have a significant effect on your psyche or organism. The power of stones should not be overlooked, especially when they are cared for, recharged, and worn properly. If you believe in the benefits of alternative medicine, if you are sensitive to the power of natural stones, then this may be the solution for you.

What is blue Apatite?

It is a semi-precious stone that was only discovered very recently. Indeed, its composition and appearance have long led people to confuse it with other stones and crystals they knew, such as topaz or olivine crystals. It was only in 1786 that the German scientist Abraham Gottlob Werner officially named it after the word Apatan, which in Greek means "to deceive." These stones are frequently found in magmatic rocks from deposits all over the world. Among the most famous are those from Canada and the United States in North America, Brazil in South America, France, Portugal, and Pakistan. This stone is considered to be rather brittle, with a hardness coefficient of 5 on the Mohs scale (by way of comparison, diamond, the stone considered the hardest in the world, has a coefficient of 10). Apatite minerals are naturally present in the human body, especially in teeth and nails. This presence partly explains the special connection between this stone and our body, and the influence it can have on it.

What are the physical properties of this stone?

Lithotherapy lends certain stones powers and actions on the emotional level, but also on the level of the body and organism. It is for this reason that some people choose to use it in the context of alternative medicine. Blue apatite is one of the natural stones which, if worn regularly, can have beneficial effects on our health. First of all, it can have a positive effect on a diet and promote weight loss. It is known to reduce appetite, but also to improve intestinal transit and stomach work. In this way, you will feel less hungry, and you will be able to eat in a healthier and more balanced way. Also, this stone resonates with the parts of your body that are made up of it, such as nails and teeth. This means that they will soon become stronger and more robust than before. Finally, this stone is inherently linked to the pineal gland, which governs many of the functions of your body, such as sleep cycles, cell reproduction, and sexuality. By being in regular contact with your body, this stone can therefore help you to regain a more restful sleep and eliminate stress. It also promotes fertility and helps to actively combat certain joint pains.